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18th March 2017
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Spring Wedding linen ideas with Charlies Hire

Weddings call for all things beautiful and fancy!

spring wedding

It’s a special day, not just for the bride and groom, but for the whole family and friends too. Weddings are important and require much attention to detail. Everything must be perfect, in sync with the likings and personal taste of the couple tying the knot. The wedding dress, flowers, food, decoration… and many more things need immense planning and require to be well thought out.

After all, it’s a fairytale day and no stone must be left unturned in making it the most beautiful and remarkable day of life.

Perfectly Pressed Linen in all colours & sizes

Weddings take place all through the year. Each time of the year brings in a world full of possibilities in terms of decoration ideas and themes for the wedding. Spring Weddings are a favourite for most to be brides and grooms and also for decorators. It is the time of the year when nature is in full bloom giving a natural beauty to the surroundings. Flowers are abundant and the energy is in full swing. Spring Weddings bring have immense scope to be creative, dynamic and vibrant.

The most important thing is the mix of colors you plan to use. The Bride and the Groom need to stand out, so the colors you use for decoration or lighting must highlight the colour of the couple’s attire rather than hide or overpower it. Day and outdoor weddings are perfect for spring time as the greens and the blues of nature make up the perfect backdrop for any added decoration. Table cloths, chair covers, napkins and other linens in beautiful pastel shades add to the elegance and charm of the setting. Bridesmaids dressed in light shades of blue, pink or green perfectly compliment the bride’s attire and beauty.

Flowers and butterflies mark the spring season and you could add a touch of these in your decorations. Elite Linen has a range of linen that you can choose from and add beauty and colour to your D Day! A wide variety and a plethora of options give you the freedom to pick the best and perfect linen for your wedding day. For a Spring Wedding using nature and natural elements is the key. Take inspiration from the blooming nature around you and you are sure to get the perfect blend of colors and creativity. Let the blooming memories leave a sweet scent forever!

To view the full range of swatches to match a gorgeously spring wedding theme, visit our website, or contact Robbie @ Charlies Catering Hire.

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